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I am a passionate wood bowl maker

Almost all of my bowls are created  from English Woodland and Garden trees.

It is my aim to release the inner beauty of the

" Wood from the trees" for all to enjoy.

I believe that this beauty is most comprehensively shown in the wood bowl form. 

I work with many species of tree and begin with fresh logs obtained from conservation arborists work or fallen trees.

I always need to know the provenance of the wood and I feel that the environment of its origin adds an extra component to the completed piece.

A wood bowl is a lasting memory of a tree and its place in the history of the landscape

"Revealing the inner beauty of the tree"



I have been exhibiting and selling my work at Exhibitions, Quality Fairs and Visitor Centre shops in famous places for almost 20 years

Due to Covid restrictions please email me for information


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"See the wood from the trees"                                                                 "Revealing the inner beauty of the tree"

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