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Burrs Natural Edge Images etc


"Revealing the inner beauty of the tree"


Spalted Beech

Spalted wood - Natures Artistry

 In spalted wood lines and figuring form in what appears to be a random manner. This can be very attractive and makes exciting and sought after bowls.

 The effect is produced by the many types of fungi in the wood. When different types of fungi meet then a line may be formed at the boundary between the zones


Hornbeam with natural bark edge

Natural Edge

The rim of a bowl or vessel can be made to retain the bark or the natural shape of the outer branch.

To produce these it is best to use wood which has been cut in the winter when the wood is not growing as the layer under the bark is at its strongest and the bark is more secure.

These bowls are delicate but very attractive

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Magic of Burrs

Wood Grain

Half log bowls



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