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I am a passionate bowl maker using wood from Woodland and Garden trees


Hornbeam with natural bark edge

Japanese Pagoda Tree wood

"Revealing the inner beauty of the tree"

Almost all of my work is hand turned from beautiful English Woodland and Garden trees obtained during conservation work.

I begin the process of bowl making by selecting individual logs from recently trimmed trees.

This green wet wood is then cut into rough bowl shapes. These roughs are then carefully dried and seasoned to maintain the natural beauty of the wood. This whole process, from tree to bowl, takes from four months to four years to complete.

I work with many species including Oak, Apple, Walnut, Ash, Cherry, Yew, Holly, Hornbeam, as well as rarer trees such as Cercis, Strawberry Tree, Monkey Puzzle etc.

All my wood waste is sustainably recycled

I have been making and selling my work at Exhibitions, Quality Fairs and Visitor Centre Shops in heritage venues for almost 20 years.

My work can be purchased at a number of venues in West Sussex as well as a few in the London area.

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I am proud to be a Registered Professional Turner

The Register is supported by the Worshipful

Company of Turners

The Worshipful Company is successor to the Guild of Turners which is one of the hundred and eight Livery Companies of the City of London. It received its Royal Charter of Incorporation from James I in 1604

Colin Seabrook RPT

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